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Billibon Strudeln the Adventurer's Guild owner has a quest that offers a reward to slay the mighty dragon.  Only one can bring back the head of a red dragon that has terrorized the main road where merchants travel between two towns.

As brave as you are, you have accepted this offer!

On the same day, you set forth on a 12-day quest hoping to reach Mount Doom and face the dragon in its lair.

Will you survive the perils along the way and slay the dragon to reap fame and fortune throughout the lands? 

Today, you set forth to end the dragon's terror! 

Near the Dwanen Mountains deep into Sokan Valley lies the dreaded Arena of Doom where slaves become gladiators or daring adventurers become champions on the battle grounds of an immense colosseum.

Aristocrats travel far to bet their fortunes in hopes to double their wealth from the gladiators that they own. Those that become prisoners can fight for their freedom when attaining the championship title of the arena. 

Will you win the ultimate battle against the current Grand Champion Rakatosh and become free from the bloody halls and horrible living quarter conditions? 

Find out and let the battles begin!

The town of Rondor is being consistently attacked by goblins. It is rumored that a powerful goblin shaman is determined to conquer the Lands of Bavidirian. You are an adventurer ready to explore lands that are feared by most and you are told to search for this powerful goblin shaman deep in the marshlands that is home to the green skins. 

You must find and defeat this leader or watch in dismay on how your lands as of your beloved hometown will be destroyed. 

It is up to you hero to change the fate of your people and your lands.

You set forth on this day to find the goblin leader and end his terror once in for all! 

The Castle of Chrondon is a ruling domain just outside the Lands of Bavidirian. The ruler, Lord Martik is fair and wise until one day the dungeons to the castle have gone amuck!

It was reported that the court jester fiddled with things he was not supposed to when he was caught at the mage’s tower casting a spell from a forbidden and ancient magical book. With that spell, monsters appeared ruining the castle grounds and dungeon quarters.

Lord Denonimas ruler of the Lands of Bavidirian seeks a dungeoneer to restore order at the castle and bring peace to Lord Martik once again.

You are a dungeoneer and set forth to save the Castle of Chrondon. 

You are a loyal Bavidirian and defender of these lands that you rightfully believe belongs to Lord Denonimas ruler of the Bavidirian Empire. The Empire will never bow down to orcs or any foul creatures trying to take and claim that is rightfully human territory. 

You are to defend Rondor at all costs against orc invasions and ensure safe passage to those that come to and from the town’s main gates. 

To do that you must confront the 9-foot orc champion and defeat him. 

You set off to find this champion and defeat him to end the attacks of his orc army. 

The Vampire Tower of Lord Alucard has been silent for centuries. None dare to walk in its premises, yet now the lord had awakened from his long sleep and seeks a powerful staff that can control time. 

He seeks brave adventurers to enter the deep dungeons of the Tomb of Bel'Dor once home to a Balrog. Danger still lurks in these once vibrant halls and only the witty will survive this quest to attain the most powerful staff in the lands. 

Will you dare share your face with an ancient vampire and do his bidding to venture forth and find this magical item? 

If so, then you are adventure begins finding the Tomb of Bel'Dor. 

The Ancient Forest of Silvernarion where high elves live is dying by a cursed guardian fairy that has malformed into a banshee. It is said she has mourned the loss of her loved one and sought out magic to bring him back to only be tricked into cursory. 

Now with plagued lands and the High Elvin kingdom in jeopardy a brave adventurer is needed more than ever to seek out the curse and challenge whomever is trying to ruin the home of high elves. 

You are destined to save the Forest of Silvernarion and those that had lived in it peaceful. You must find the banshee and defeat him!