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Click on the logo below to purchase Guild Adventures! The Dragonslayer solo gamebook.

Guild Adventures! The Dragonslayer is an interactive solo gamebook using a classic sword & sorcery story. You will need a 6-sided die and a pencil with an eraser to play this game. 

Inside the pdf download:

- Choose from 18 unique pre-made adventurers. 

- The gameplay is interlinked after each action for your convenience

- There are over 140 beautifully drawn illustrations by various professional artists. 

- There are 2-pages of rules that will help you engage in the game in less than a few minutes.

- The character sheet follows you on every page that has your statistics and notes with it.

- There is a dice chart to use in case you don’t have dice on you.   

The story so far: Billibon Strudeln the Adventurer's Guild owner has a quest that offers a reward to slay the mighty dragon. Only one can bring back the head of a red dragon that has terrorized the main road where merchants travel between two towns.

As brave as you are, you have accepted this offer!

On the same day, you set forth on a 12-day quest hoping to reach Mount Doom and face the dragon in its lair.

Will you survive the perils along the way and slay the dragon to reap fame and fortune throughout the lands?